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"When one teaches, two learn."


Our alumni...

The core of our heart resides in our community.  Our students and teachers are our most valuable asset!  High Energy Fusion Yoga Teachers are the hardest working trainees out there and they continue grow and bring yoga to the world. Hear more about our Teacher Training straight from the trainees themselves!


youyou ruan

"I practiced at the studio for almost a year before committing to the 200 hour teacher training program. It was one of the best decisions I have made, and the journey has been transformative beyond just the months of training. The trainers poured their time, energy, knowledge, wisdom and heart into all of us. Most importantly they met me at where I was and gave me what I needed - the tools and confidence to lead not only a class, but myself.  By the time of graduation, I felt both confident and competent to go out to audition and to begin to instruct. I would highly recommend HEFY YTT to anyone who wants to make a difference in their own personal development as well as in the lives of others!" - Y. Ruan



jenn miranda

"HEFY provided me with the knowledge and tools necessary to lead a class fit for students of varying levels.  The training made me look past the physical aspects of the practice as I learned more about myself & how yoga can improve my life. Training with HEFY also allowed me to be part of an amazing community made up of wonderful and inspiring teachers. YTT is one of the toughest, most challenging things I've ever done but it is also the most rewarding.  I am very grateful for my HEFY YTT experience" - J. Miranda


Krishna Chavda

"I practiced with Victoria for 1.5 years before diving into teacher training with her and it was an experience that changed me in many ways. It challenged and grew my physical strength, endurance, and flexibility through the rigorous, in-depth, hands-on learning. The training also put me on the path of focused self discovery, development, and mindfulness. I uncovered habits and internal monologues that, unbeknownst to me, were holding me back or affecting various aspects of my life. I highly recommend the HEFT YTT to anyone looking to take their practice and self development to the next level." - K. Chavda


Lauren redling

"My experience at High Energy Fusion Yoga is... It changed who I am at my core and in all the best ways. This training took me out of my comfort zone, and all the magic happened.  It helped me grow emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically.  With the variety of different personalities between Gabriella, Laura, and Vic, they pretty much make one giant awesome Yogi!  They are all different, & have so much to offer.  By the end of my training I felt fully confident in myself and my ability to lead a class safely.  In doing so, I've gotten every yoga position that I've audition for. This training gave me confidence and taught me how to love myself again. Hopefully, that shines through when I teach!" - L. Redling



young sun moon

"Being able to experience an advanced teacher training that is so incredibly well curated with readily applicable information is such a diamond in the rough. Not only is the educational component well rounded and comprehensive, but more importantly, it’s the teachers’ positive energy and their personal interest in that you get the most out of the training that makes HEFY THE place to make your YTT dreams come true!" - YS. Moon


evelyn salgado

"I chose High Energy Fusion Yoga for my teacher training for several reasons. Here are the top 3: 1 - The teachers are real. They (Vic, Laura & Gab) know your name, know where you are in your practice and challenge you to grow not only on the mat but off the mat. 2 - The CoOp aka the studio. I wish I could put into words how amazing the CoOp is. We often call it home. The vibe is like no other studio I've ever been to. 3 – My fellow trainees showed much love and support during the journey. The connections you make keep you going back. The teacher training itself was one of the best experiences of my life. You will never be the same after. If you're lucky like me, you will have a group that becomes your family and a place to always go home to." E. Salgado


Veronica Lee

"The HEFY YTT experience was unique, powerful and eye opening. It brought me out of my comfort zone and challenged me in ways I had never fathomed. Yoga does not come easy to me & I wanted to deepen my practice for myself. In the process I realized I wanted to share my love for yoga with others & help them face challenges in a fun and safe environment. Each teacher brings something special to the training and I couldn’t be happier to have completed my training with some of the best around." - V. Lee



"I chose High Energy Fusion Yoga to do my teacher training because from day 1 I was always drawn to Victoria's teaching style. Her presence and energy is magnetic & I wanted to learn how to teach like her. I had no intentions teaching yoga, I just wanted to deepen my practice. Laura, Gabriella, & Victoria are a dynamic trio. They make your success a priority while making it soo much fun to learn and practice yoga. I’d highly recommend HEFY These three ladies have completely changed my life for the better and all I can really say is THANK YOU." - A. Montoya


adriana alcala

"My time in YTT with High Energy Fusion Yoga was the most incredible experience of my life. I've learned so much about myself and my relationship to others. Now, as a teacher, I appreciate this learning experience so much more because I can develop connections with all of my students. I used to suffer with social anxiety and the thought of being someone's teacher was almost impossible to believe. But Vic, Laura, and Gab encouraged us to be our true selves from the very first day of training. They constantly inspired us in our physical practice, our teaching practice, and as yogis in the world. To share my knowledge of the practice of yoga with my students is an act that sincerely fills my heart with so much joy. I am so honored to have done my teacher training at HEFY ❤" - A. Alcala


lauren murray

"I followed High Energy Fusion Yoga from Wisconsin all the way to Costa Rica in search of something. Little did I know that I was about to discover the most confident, fierce and strong version of me. With the support of HEFY, I challenged my perception of yoga and my own limitations and uncovered an ability to create a practice that pushes towards innovation and builds a community of empowerment. With quite a bit of laughter along the way, of course!" - L. Murray



"I took teacher training with no intention to teach but to only deepen my practice. However, the teachers provided a wealth of knowledge in a format that was easy to understand and consume.  The environment was supportive & fun, & I was given the tools to help myself, as well as others, how to strengthen our practice.  I graduated the program with a greater confidence in my own abilities & a new found passion for teaching yoga.  I now want to share with others what I have learned & experienced in YTT!" - T. Pon