High Energy Fusion Yoga

Where tradition meets innovation

What is High energy fusion yoga? 

The physical aspect of this style is vigorous!  Energetic sequences are designed without long holds in postures. Students are focused on a progression of movements and achieve a meditative state by keeping the mind engaged and present. Vibrant music accompanies every class and students are encouraged to move and be creative in this judgement free environment. Inversions are taught in some way, shape,  or form in every class and each class has a pose or two that is "work shopped" so that students progress quickly in their practice. 

Yoga asks us to quiet the mind and connect to the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of our being. In many of my classes, students are asked to think about what serves the highest self, and what does not. When we pause and reflect we raise our awareness and bring ourselves to a place of higher self. 

Meditation and breathing exercises are also essential parts of High Energy Fusion Yoga. At the end of every class students use the breath to ground their energy and quiet the mind. Students are always given time in final resting pose (savasana) to absorb the benefits of a rigorous physical practice and find a few moments of peace. 

In a nutshell a typical HEFY class breaks down into three parts: REFLECT-REJOICE-RELAX  


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