High Energy Fusion Yoga

Where tradition meets innovation

What should you expect at a High energy fusion yoga workshop?

Expect to have fun, learn new things, and make new friends. 

Some other things to keep in mind when taking one of our signature workshops: 

1. You do not need to have a minimum amount of experience to take a workshop unless it is indicated in the description. Workshops provide challenges or assistance to a variety of ability levels. 

2. You do not need to come with someone to a workshop. Making friends and creating a collaborative community is a high priority of the High Energy Fusion Yoga method. 

3. Workshops are WORK! Expect to sweat and exert quite a bit of effort during your time on the mat. It is not recommended that participants work out or perform other types of exercise before & after workshops. 

4. You are welcome to take notes, pictures, or videos as long as you are not distracting the instructor or the class. Please note that taking pictures or videos should never be done at the expense of spotting or ensuring the safety of others in the room. 

5. Try and get out of your head and have some fun! You may learn a new way to do something, or simply observe an advanced technique that you can try in the future. Come to these workshops with an open mind and a sense of humor! 

see our video clips for more info on HEFY WOrkshops

What is Glowga?

Our most popular workshop! Students will body paint, dress up, and groove to a glow in the dark flow class that features fun partner poses, inversions, and dancing! This workshop is open to all levels and is a wonderful way to try yoga in a non-intimidating environment.

Can I do an Inversion Workshop?

This multi level workshop is ideal for students working towards finding confidence and balance while upside down. Here Victoria breaks down the body mechanics of headstands, handstands and forearm stands from the ground up.

Is a backbending workshop too much for me?

This multilevel workshop is ideal for students who have at least three months experience practicing yoga. We will explore exercises and techniques that will enable you to work towards deepening your backbends and finding greater success in poses that require open shoulders. The workshop will also provide some insight into an individual's anatomy and realistic expectations

My hips and hamstrings are tight...should I take this workshop?

This workshop is designed for all levels of practitioner. Students will leave the workshop with a game plan to improve the existing mobility in their hips and hamstrings. Armed with this knowledge and consistent practice, mobility and stiffness will be greatly improved and advanced postures like splits and lotus will become more accessible and comfortable.

All videos, photos, and clips edited and arranged by Andrew Feller Photography.