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Asana evolution: Sequencing and Biomechanics 100 hours



Advanced sequencing delves into  the methods behind progressive movement techniques and applying mobility science to  traditional yoga class structures. 

Covered in Sequencing:

1. Sequences and techniques that build to apex poses in different categories. 

2. Learn to make your classes functional and innovative by creatively weaving essential movements into your classes.

3. Expand your vocabulary of yoga asanas in a way that benefits your students and helps them progress. 


1.  Take an in depth look at the anatomy and physiology of the poses covered in our sequencing module. 

2. Move beyond the box of bones and learn how muscles directly apply to movements. 

3. Begin to sequence your classes anatomically by identifying the muscles working together and against one another in the postures. 

4. Learn to apply cutting edge mobility techniques to your classes to help your students feel better and achieve more depth in in traditional yoga postures. 


The Co-Op

 95B Dell Glen Ave Lodi, NJ


Saturdays: 11:30AM -8:00PM

Sundays 12:00PM-8:00PM 

*reading and homework assignments required. One class per week with Victoria (online possible with permission) is also required. 


April 28 &29

May 5&6

May 19&20

June 2&3

June 9&10

Cost: $1500   Early Bird $1350 by February 15, 20178 (Add 3% if using Paypal)

Cost for HEFY Grads: $1250 (add 3% if using Paypal) by February 15, 2018  $1350 after