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HEFY Core Essentials Module: Themes, philosophy, and 300 level SEQUENCE


In this module we explore the methodologies and techniques of teaching beginner,  intermediate, and advanced level classes. Topics covered in training include:

1. High Energy Fusion Yoga class planning and sequencing techniques. 

2. Arm balances and transitions

3. Inversions and transitions

4. Techniques for spotting and safety in classes

5. Effective theming and connecting with your students

Upcoming Dates: 


September 7 & 8

September 21 & 22

October 5& 6

These are lecture hours. Students must also take 3 High Energy Fusion Yoga classes per week and complete homework assignments. 

Saturdays: 11:30AM -8:00PM

Sundays 11:30AM -8:00PM 

*Reading and homework assignments required. One class per week with Victoria and two addtional HEFY classes live or online are also required. 

Cost: $1125   Early Bird $1050 by July 1, 2019 (Add 3% if using Paypal)

Cost for HEFY Grads: $1000  (add 3% if using Paypal) by July 1, 2019 $1125 after 


The High Energy Fusion Yoga Co-Op

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