High Energy Fusion Yoga

Where tradition meets innovation

flow and fly: 25 hours


This module is taught by flying expert Laura (Sykora)  Kasperzak. Laura is a world renowned yoga instructor who specializes in inversions and partner yoga techniques. She has over a million followers on Instagram who love to watch her take her practice to new levels. 


This module explores variations of traditional yoga poses and flows that can be adapted to partner yoga techniques. 

Topics covered during training:

1. Sequences to warm the body appropriately for advanced techniques. 

2. Spotting, communication, and proper alignment. 

3. Taking your techniques to new heights through partner yoga maneuvers. 

DATES:2 Weekends

November  17 & 18,  2018

December  1 & 2


COst: $350   $300 if registered before October 1

Saturday & Sunday 12PM- 6PM

*In addition to class hours students will be required to submit a video project in order to receive their 25 hour certificate. 


High Energy Fusion Yoga

 95B Dell Glen Ave Lodi, NJ