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"Faith starts as an experiment and ends as an experience." ~W.Inge

Well, it's over. One month spent in beautiful Costa Rica doing two things I love: teaching yoga and surfing. This month long leap of faith definitely began as an experiment and ended as a wonderful experience. It wound up taking two or three (dozen) different turns, but finally I ended up exactly where I needed to be and with a small group of yogis who were willing to learn and dedicate themselves to this practice. Now that it's over, I can honestly say I have learned some things about myself. I start out my teacher trainings by telling my students to expect to have epiphanies. I am no exception to this process,  and so I am writing some of mine down with hopes that they might inspire others but mostly so that when I forget them and start freaking out over the next time I need to have faith,  I can re-learn. 

The List:

1. Let go of comparisons and expectations and embrace the process. While you're letting things go, let go of toxic relationships and environments too. 

2. It will all work out exactly like it should.

3. There is no down side to trying something outside of your comfort zone. Human beings excel and grow through discomfort. If you aren't working your tail off, you are probably not getting anywhere. 

4. You are 100% as capable as anyone else of achieving your goals. That being said, you may have to work harder than other people to achieve your dreams. So what?! See number three.

5. Patience the most underrated of virtues. Just like with surfing, you may have to wait and paddle one more time before catching the perfect wave. Patience often awards you the element of surprise. Be patient with your reactions, your responses, and your endeavors. Think about quality over quantity. Saying yes and figuring everything else out later will only get you so far, for so long. 

6. That being said, sometimes you have to say yes and figure it out later. =p

And so, I finish teaching my first international intensive certification program with a sense of appreciation for all the support I have received along the way. THANK YOU! There are even bigger waves on the horizon. Let's go get them!

Special Congratulations to the Summer 2016 Graduates! You ladies have made me proud.