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It's interesting the bargains we make with ourselves to get us through the tough times. Have you ever had to make a deal with the all mighty to give you the resolve to continue forward? I have....and more than once.  To me, 2015 was five years lived in one. I traveled, taught, surfed, studied, held down my day job, held down my marriage, started this website, and decided to strike out on my own. In the final hours of 2015 I realized that if I wanted to manifest success (and this means different things for each of us) I needed to begin to verbalize it. If you want to do a handstand, try screaming "HANDSTAND!" while you attempt it. I guarantee a greater degree of success. If you want inner peace. Say it out loud to yourself several times a day. I guarantee, you you will feel more peace. Scared to try? Do you feel silly? Why? Maybe you are unsure of what your really want. Maybe you are scared of asking the universe for exactly what your heart desires. Maybe you feel, unworthy? Let me reassure you that you are worthy.  Let me be the first to say that you deserve EVERYTHING that you want in this life. You are the almighty. Divinity dwells within you as you. Pluck up your courage and become clear with WHAT YOU WANT. This important first step on the road to manifesting your dreams cannot be skipped. Allow yourself to crystalize the thing that will make you happy. Be specific. Be brave. Let 2016 be the year that the inclinations you had last year, became realities this year. I say this as much for you as for me. Get out of your own way and manifest your dreams. Happy New Year!