High Energy Fusion Yoga

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The Leap of Faith..

Well here it is! My first solo yoga project: High Energy Fusion Yoga. This yoga path of mine has been a long and winding road. To create a style of yoga that you feel is your "own", is a somewhat terrifying and egotistical task. I have had to believe that I have something unique within me to share with other people. I have had the privilege to teach classes at the Co-Op, where my voice is my own and not a studio's collective theme.  Although I started teaching yoga in 2004 in gyms and studios,  for the past eight I have been teaching in environments where I have been  able to express whatever ideas come into my head. I have had successes and failures. I have tried some things (like yoga photography) and excelled. I have tried others (like yoga videos) and have had to admit that it is a work in progress. *bang head on wall here* This leap of faith in myself is exciting and scary all at the same time.  Regardless,  I am committed to seeing this through and to sharing my journey/meltdowns/triumphs/ideas with all of you! -NAMASTE!